Jupiter Fabric


Luxurious sanitary silver fabric for the destruction of Coronaviruses in the Covid-19 pandemic

Fabric sold by the meter (100 cm x 130 cm)

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This luxurious sanitary fabric called “Jupiter” can be used for homw sewing applications. This woven non elastic product is composed polyamide yarns, that are metallized with pure silver. The high silver content leads to the release of silver ions, which destroy microbials and viruses on contact. Studies have shown that “Jupiter” also has a high effectiveness against Coronaviruses which are inactivated within 5 minutes after contact. The product is washable at 60°. Frequent washings and dry cleanings may gradually reduce the product effectivity and result in discoloration. Silver is a biocidal active ingredient according to §67 of the EU Biocide Regulation. This fabric also blocks RFID signals and can be used to make security pockets, which will protect credit cards from data theft with illegal scanners.

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Dimensions 100 × 130 × 100 cm


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