Silverguard Vega Elastic Handkerchief


Elastic luxurious sanitary silver handkerchief for the destruction of Coronaviruses in the Covid-19 pandemic

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This luxurious silver handkerchief is manufactured with a fabric called “Vega”. This is an elastic knitted product which composed polyamide yarns, that are metallized with pure silver. The high silver content of over 20% leads to the release of silver ions, which destroy microbials on contact. Studies have shown that Vega also has a high effectiveness against Coronaviruses, at very high speed. Coronaviruses are inactivated within 15 minutes after contact. The product is washable at 60°. Frequent washings and dry cleanings may gradually reduce the product effectivity and result in discoloration. Silver is a biocidal active ingredient according to §67 of the EU Biocide Regulation.

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Dimensions 32.5 × 32.5 × 0.5 cm


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